We have designed Shipbook to connect all the people on board cruise ships, in the belief that this can create greater understanding and improve communications.

Shipbook promotes openness and transparency by offering users a wide freedom of sharing and contact and aims to achieve these goals on the basis of some principles.

These principles will be limited only by legal, technological and new social norms.

We therefore place these Principles at the base of the rights and responsibilities of the users of the Shipbook service.

  • Freedom of sharing and contact

Users should have the freedom to share all the information they wish, by any means of communication and in any format, and have the right to contact anyone, any person, organization or service online, as long as both consent to contact.

  • Property information

Each user is the owner of his own information. Each user should have the freedom to share this information with anyone they want and to take it with them anywhere, as well as the freedom to remove it from the Shipbook service.

  • Free information flow

Users should have the freedom to access all information made available to them by other users. Users should also have the necessary practical tools to facilitate, speed up and make efficient the sharing and access to such information.

  • Fundamental equality

Each person (individual, advertiser, developer, organization or other entity) should be represented and have access to the distribution and information within the Shipbook service, regardless of the person’s main activity. There should be a single set of principles, rights and responsibilities valid for all users of the Shipbook service.

  • Social value

Users should have the freedom to create their own reputation and arouse confidence through their identity, and their presence on Shipbook should not be removed for reasons other than those described in the terms of use.

  • Open platforms and standards

Users should have programmatic interfaces for sharing and accessing available information. The specifications of such information should be published and made available and accessible to all.

  • Basic service

Users should be able to use Shipbook for free in order to create a presence, contact other users and share information with them. Each person must be able to use the Shipbook service regardless of their level of participation or contribution.

  • Common well-being

The rights and responsibilities of Shipbook and its users should be described in the terms of use, which should not be inconsistent with these Principles.

  • One world

The Shipbook service should transcend geographical and national boundaries and be available to users around the world.


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