If you are aboard a cruise ship for work or vacation, then surely someone around you will already have caught your attention, and surely you will have in turn caught someone’s attention, because that’s how it works on board …

I remember a lot of occasions that I lost because I was too shy and because I didn’t know how to speak other languages ​​besides mine.

Maybe something like that happened to you too and you regretted it bitterly.

Persona sola in riva al mare

In my case, when I finally solved the language problem, I realized that in any case there was something else to stop me:

life on board is at the mercy of gossip, everyone knows everything about everyone.

This lack of privacy leads to being wary and less bold, even when you are dying to get to know someone …

Because nobody wants to compromise and become the object of the ship’s gossip, since it could be embarrassing and / or dangerous!

So I tried the app to chat on board, but when I thought I had finally solved the problem of privacy thanks to private messages by smartphone, I realized I wasn’t the only one …

Chat nello smartphone

I received a lot of unsolicited contact requests!

We really needed a tool that could solve all these problems and help everyone, without displeasing anyone.

At this point I had the lighting!

I imagined a free service, able to automatically find the most interesting people for you, aboard your ship, and allow you to know them discreetly and without bothering them.

La soluzione al problema

The service I’m talking about is called Shipbook.cloud, and connects all the ships and all the shipping companies between them, as if they were the nodes of a network that covers the whole world.

As the only bar in a small village, which represents the meeting point for all the locals; Shipbook brings together the crew and passengers of all ships in the world.


It allows you to make friends with anyone, exchange private messages and share news, all with the support of automatic translation that effectively breaks down language barriers! 😉

Traduttore automatico

I bet you will have a lot of times asking yourself questions like:

  • “Who knows who is on board…?”
  • “I wonder if there is someone I know aboard…”
  • “I wonder what is the her / his name and what she / he is doing on board…”
  • “I wonder if he / she is single, if he / she is looking and what…”
  • “Who knows who I will find on board on the day x”

Well, if you’ve read the article up to this point it’s because you’re familiar with it.

This means that you are one of us, then you immediately become part of Shipbook! Don’t waste any more time if you don’t want to lose any more opportunities!

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Shipbook.cloud is a social network made by Moraldiweb

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