Shipbook is the social network for sailors, it has just been born and in this article we summarize in a schematic way the reasons why it could be used and prefer it to other services.

1. For Costa Crociere crews, Shipbook is a valid Costa app alternative (Apple, Android MyCosta Mobile).

  • Shipbook immediately puts people in contact, only those who might like each other, comparing the respective profile information, and allows them to approach in a fun and discreet way.         
  • The profile photos are large and clearly visible! Easy to distinguish and click!
  • Crew and passengers in the same place, can easily interact and live together harmoniously without disturbing each other.

2. Help those who have just arrived or are about to embark, get to know and socialize with the people currently on board, both crew and passengers.

Based on the dates of embarkation and disembarkation indicated by the users, the site selects people to allow interaction.

Moreover, through the advanced search it is possible to go back to a lot of information, for example who will be on board in a given period, on a certain ship.

3. It allows you to easily keep under control the news on board your ship, the main news of the other ships in the fleet and those concerning your friends. Starting discussions and participating in existing ones is very easy.

4. Shipbook is independent and connects the people of all the shipping companies:

what binds all subscribers to the service is that they are all navigators, so it is normal to make friends and communicate with people who belong to a shipping company other than own.

This aspect is very important for an exchange of information and opinions between people who share the same lifestyle but from distant and different points of view. The comparison could also be useful for questions of a professional nature, for example.

5. The site has nothing to do with Facebook and other social network contacts, because it deals exclusively with life on board, while other on-line services manage other types of relationships and communities.

6. In general, it is a service created by the crew for the crew, tailor-made for those who live and work on board. No one has ever made such a beautiful gift to people who spend most of their lives away from home and their loved ones.

Website Enhance Your Social Life In The Heart Of The Sea

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